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As an internationally recognised athlete and four-time's, reigning WBFF Muscle Model Champion, I have achieved many accomplishments over the past decade as a celebrity and within the fitness industry.

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With my passion in fitness I firmly believe that anything, from your physical appearance, body health you aspire to have and the confidence of a champion is achievable if you set your mind to it. 




I’m Wole, owner of precision performance coaching where we specialize in not just amazing body transformation but also lifestyle change to stay in shape for good!


I began my fitness journey like most other individuals looking to get in amazing shape to help me improve my physique for football during the summer of 1992 at the age of 12 years old. 


This quickly led to me falling in love with the process of fitness which led me down the career path of becoming a personal trainer at the age of 18 years old. 


In 2014 I took a leap to step on stage, to test my body’s limits and gain greater understanding of getting in very low body fat condition. 


I’ve been in your shoes, feeling lost with no direction, lack of confidence due to my appearance and feeling like I have to sacrifice social events in order to get the desired results. 


All my past experiences lead me to the position I am now, helping individuals to understand that you don’t need to sacrifice your life in order to get the desired results and that you can create balance.  


My coaching programmes are where I’ll coach you to a dream physique you’ll sustain for LIFE. 


Without quick fixes, training hacks or fad diets. 


So if you’re looking to drop fat from your stomach …


Create chiselled muscle definition …


To produce a jaw-dropping body you love catching a glimpse of in the mirror. 


Hit the button below.


My first encounter with Wole was when I doing my competition. After I started training with him I have seen a massive growth in my physique and mental state. With my previous workout I was always burnout and tired. Wole listened to my concerns and my goals. He gave me a diet that did not make me depress and I was always energetic enough to run my business and work towards my goal. Now I have a body that I always wanted while maintaining  a healthy life. 

Thank you for helping me grow and become mentally confident.

Hadis Hashemi jazi

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Here's the truth: improving your health and wellbeing is not a luxury reserved for a lucky few. It's a realistic, achievable goal that should be accessible to everyone.


Yet, finding a fitness and nutrition programme that is affordable and that doesn't rely on fad diets or quick fixes, and that is personalised enough to help you reach specific goals, is not an easy feat...


Until now. Get the help of a professional to train and regulate your nutrition, but train at your pace, from home or at the gym. Personalised training and nutrition, for a fraction of the price of in-person 1-on-1 coaching.


Everyone should be able to look good and feel healthy. And Wolé knows he can take any person, at any level of physique and help them achieve the body of their dreams.


Anywhere, anytime.

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